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Chin Surgery

Does your nose look more prominent due to weak chin? Want to get balanced face shape? It is advisable to visit Royal Cosmetic Surgery Pakistan where expert cosmetic surgeons are offering Chin surgery at an affordable rate. No doubt, weak and small chin leave bad impact on one’s personality because nose look larger when chin is small. In order to make a right balance between chin and nose, many doctors recommends Chin Surgery in Pakistan.

What is Chin Surgery?

Chin surgery is a cosmetic procedure in which surgeon uses chin implants for adding definition to chin and balancing its position with rest of facial features. This procedure is also known as Mentoplasty, chin augmentation and chin implant. The basic purpose of this surgery is to reshape the chin in an aesthetic manner. The patients of this surgery feel a great boost in their self-confidence since this surgery presents a gift of improved appearance to them.

Chin Implants

These days, surgeon uses different shapes and sizes of chin implants. Experienced surgeons of Royal cosmetic surgery Pakistan always go for custom made chin implants because they want to meet individual needs in a real way. They first examine the chin of patient and then finalize the shape and size of chin implant. Commonly chin implants are made of solid silicone that is a flexible and durable substance. It is quite safe when placed inside the body. Once implant has been placed, supportive tissues formed around the implant during healing process. Implant becomes a natural bone structure after few weeks of surgery.

Who is a Good Candidate of Chin Implant?

A good candidate for Chin surgery in Pakistan is one who:

In case you still don’t know whether you are a good candidate of Chin surgery or not then you need to contact with an expert surgeon. He will examines your skin and suggest you the right treatment based on your requirement and conditions.

Mentoplasty/Chin Surgery Consultation

At Royal Cosmetic Surgery Pakistan, we always plan a consultation session of patient and surgeon. During this session, a qualified surgeon:

How Chin Surgery is performed?

Surgeon provides general anesthesia to patient who goes to sleep. Surgeon makes an incision either inside the lower lip or under the chin. There is no visible scar when surgeon makes incision inside the mouth. However, there would be a visible scar when incision has been made under the chin. A chin implant is inserted into a pocket that is created over the bone, through incision, at the top of chin. Once surgery is done surgeon uses dissolvable sutures for closing incision of inside mouth or stitches for closing an incision under the chin. Chin will be taped for several days just to reduce swelling and fluid accumulation. This surgery is completed within 45 minutes to 1 hour. It is an outpatient procedure that’s mean patient can get back to his home on the same day, no need to stay in clinic.

Chin Surgery Risks

Just like other surgeries, Mentoplasty carries certain complications and risks. However, these risks are minor and rare. The risks are:

Chin Augmentation Recovery

Patient feels a little discomfort after chin surgery in Pakistan. Swelling, bruising and numbness are common problems that will be solved within some weeks. Pain is normally controlled through pain kills. New facial contour will be visible when swelling goes after 4-6 weeks of surgery.

Patient may feel it hard to move the mouth or to smile or talk in first few days. Surgeon suggests soft food and liquid diet for first three days. You need to sleep by keeping your head elevated for reducing swelling. Tape and stitches of chin will be removed after first week. You need to take rest for first week. Avoid strenuous activities as much as you can. You are able to return to work after one week of surgery.

Results of Chin Surgery in Pakistan

Although recovery of surgery takes some weeks yet patient will surprise to see noticeable improvements in the chin that get balanced with the rest of facial feature in an attractive way. Patient feels great satisfaction whenever he looks his face into mirror. Boost in self confidence is another benefit that comes along with attractive, strong and solid chin appearance.

Don’t let your weak chin to raze your overall facial appearance, contact with our cosmetic surgeons who are able to make a pleasant change into your face through chin implant.

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