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Chin Lipo Surgery

Want to get attractive chin and defined neckline? It would be possible, if you visit at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Pakistan. Qualified surgeon of this clinic are always here to makes it simple for you to get rid of excess fat of chin surgery without any kind of bruising, scarring and side effect. They also contour the neckline in an aesthetic manner.

What is Chin Lipo Surgery?

It is a minimally invasive procedure in which excess fat of chin is removed through liposuction procedure. Sometimes, patients are concerned about fullness of jowls that happens normally when a person gets aged; this affects his appearance to a great extent. So, a surgeon often supraplatysmal midline fat along with chin fat through a liposuction device during Chin Lipo Surgery in Pakistan. This is among the best chin rejuvenation methods that offer a youthful appearance to the patient. It is also known as facial liposuction, submental or submentum liposuction because patient is able to get rid of double chin, jowls and chubbiness under the skin through it.

What are benefits of Chin Liposuction?

Here are main benefits that you can grab through this surgical procedure:

Who is a Good Candidate of Lipo Surgery?

Before surgery Surgeon examines your double chin, neck and jawline completely before he tells you whether you are a good candidate or not. He examines degree of skin laxity and extent of platysmal separation from skin. Normally, a good candidate is one who doesn’t have sagging neck skin or simply very loose skin because liposuction doesn’t bring good results in this case. In such case, person needs to undergo through neck lift instead of Chin Lipo treatment in Pakistan. If a person has excess fat deposits in neck and double chin then definitely he is considered as a good candidate. A person who is over age 60 must have to take into consideration further skin tightening procedure because facial lipo surgery won’t bring good results, alone. So, a good candidate is one:

How Chin Liposuction is performed?

This surgery is performed under either tumescent or general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure; patient is able to get back to home on the same day. It is a minor surgical procedure in which surgeon makes small incisions, normally 2-4 cm long, in the chin and under the ears. With the mean of tumescence technique, skin and underlying tissues are lifted up, surgeon inserts thin liposuction cannula into incision, and this suction device sucks excess fat. High frequency waves from cannula dissolve fat cells which are then sucked by a vacuum device. Surgeon tries to contour and shape your chin, cheek and neck during the procedure. Surgeon makes tiny incisions in the cheeks, if cheek lipo surgery is performed along with Chin lipo treatment in Pakistan.

Good thing about this surgery is that it doesn’t leave any scar behind. This surgery takes 45 minutes to one hour for completion. It is a very safe and effective surgery with fast recovery.

Risks and Side Effects of Chin Lipo Surgery

This cosmetic surgery brings certain minor side effects such as minimal bruising, numbness, swelling and pain. In rare cases, patient may experience infection, skin necrosis, contour irregularities and burns.

Recovery of Chin Lipo Surgery

It is good to know that recovery period of Chin liposuction is very fast. Patient needs to wear pressure dressing for one day. On second day, pressure dressing will be removed and he needs to wear light elastic dressing for a few days. Swelling and bruising are minimal. He might feel pain for 2-3 days. Women can use scarfs or turtleneck blouses for hiding swelling of their neck. Good results can be seen within 1-2 weeks following Chin lipo surgery in Pakistan.

Post Operative Care

You need to sleep by keeping your head elevated for first two weeks. If you feel numbness in cheeks or chin for prolonged time then you need to consult with your surgeon. Swelling is a common effect that will resolve within a few weeks. Some people may experience tingling, sharp pains, burning or cold conditions under chin but it is quite. You don’t need to eat solid foot for first two days, liquid diet will be suggested. You need to visit Royal Cosmetic Surgery Pakistan after surgery for almost two to three times so surgeon can examines your incisions and operated area. You can surely take bath after surgery but you should try to avoid all those strenuous exercises that increase your blood pressure up to three weeks. You need to gently message the operated area; expert medical staff will teach you how to do chin massage for getting improved results.

Results of Chin Liposuction

Once surgeon removes excess fat from neck, jowls and chin then you would be able to grab a well-defined youthful appearance. You get firmer skin tone after this surgery. A boost in self-confidence will also be experienced because you would be able to get rid of your bulky and fatty chin appearance. People who undergo through Chin lipo treatment at Royal Cosmetic surgery Pakistan are quite satisfied from the results. They love to see their tight skin tone and well-balanced chin shape with the rest of facial feature.

It’s indeed right time to consult with qualified surgeon of Royal Cosmetic Surgery Pakistan, if you want to get rid of your double chin now.

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