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F.U.E Hair Transplant

Enjoy real peace of mind without scarring and pain free FUE hair restoration procedure. Are you looking for a long lasting solution of hair loss problem? Don’t want any scar on head? It is strongly advisable to visit Royal Cosmetic surgery Center where expert and qualified hair transplant surgeons are ready to lend you their hands. They would let you get back your natural hair line without any side effect or scarring via advanced technique of FUE hair transplant in Lahore.

What is FUE hair transplant?

FUEIt is an advanced technique of hair restoration process in which individual hair follicles are removed from the back and side of heads and then these follicle units are changed into grafts. A hair transplant technician transplants each graft into bald area one by one. This is a tedious procedure that normally takes 8-10 hours of surgeon. Sometimes, surgeon needs to go for another session, if a patient’s head requires more than 35000 grafts.

Why do you need an FUE hair transplant?

FUE hair transplant is normally suggested by surgeon to almost every hair loss patient. Actually, it is a least-invasive surgery that doesn’t require any scalpel. Though incisions are made into recipient site but skin cut is not very deep. Recovery period is quite fast because the surgery doesn’t leave deep scars injury on the head. Although the people also go for strip hair transplant surgery but patient doesn’t feel complete satisfaction after it. Actually, strip of FUT hair transplant always leaves a deep linear scar that is visible from eyes. The patient doesn’t feel comfortable when his friends and other society member notice this scar. Though they get natural looking hairline from strip hair transplant but scar doesn’t let them feel complete happiness and comfort. On the other hand, patients feel great amount of satisfaction through FUE Hair Transplant Lahore.

Benefits of FUE hair transplant

This hair restoration process brings amazing benefits for the patient. These benefits are:

How FUE Transplant is performed at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Center?

FUE hair transplant is the best way to fight with hair loss problem.

FUE Illustrated

Our experienced surgeons at clinic always follow some basic steps for doing FUE hair transplant in Islamabad and Lahore. Here are certain steps that we follow.

FUE1. Procedure Plan: It is a first and very important step in which our hair transplant surgeons invite patients for consultation. They examine patient’s head carefully and try to determine how many donor hairs are available and how many grafts are required to cover bald area. Surgeons like to know what the expectations of patients are, so that he can make clear all possible results.

FUE2. Donor Hair Removal: Surgeon gives local anesthesia to patient for numbing his head. Once head gets numbed then surgeon starts extracting follicle units from the back or side of head that are normally called as donor area. He removes individual follicle units from the head one by one. A follicle unit is a natural grouping of hairs that grow together on scalp and share same blood supply. One follicle unit comprises of 1-4 hairs. A donor area is a scalp part which hair show great resistance against hair loss. The hairs are programmed genetically to grow for life. When these hairs are transplanted into other parts of head then they grow their without suffering from hair loss.

FUE3. Preparation of the Recipient Site: One of the critical steps of FUE hair Transplant Islamabad and Lahore is to preparation of recipient site, an area of head where hairs need to be transplanted. Recipient site is bald area or scalp with thin hair. A surgeon needs to prepare recipient site in such a way that pattern and angle of newly transplanted hairs will be exactly alike with existing hair. They prepare site very carefully just to copycat the natural hair growth pattern.

FUE4. Placement of the Grafts: Hair transplant technicians insert grafts into the incisions one by one. Our technicians are experienced and fully trained. They handle this step with utmost care just to ensure that patient can get the most desirable results from FUE hair transplant in Pakistan.

Side Effects and Complications of FUE hair transplant

FUE hair transplant is featured with no scarring and minimal pain. FUE is a hair restoration technique that is least invasive than hair transplant in Lahore and Islamabad, however this technique is associated with minimal side effects. These are:

FUE Hair Transplant Recovery

FUE Recovery

We always provide post-operative care instruction manual just after FUE hair transplant surgery at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Center. Patients need to follow these instructions for quick recovery. They can go back to work after 2-3 days. They need to avoid using alcohol or some medications that limit the blood flow. Normally, surgeon advises you to discontinue some vitamin supplements and medicines for almost three weeks before and after surgery. Actually, intake of some medications may cause abnormal bleeding after surgery from head. The patient’s head will be covered through head bandage that gets removed after some days. Swelling around the eyes and on forehead is a common situation, but it will disappear with a few weeks after surgery. Patient need to sleep while keeping his head elevated. It’s good to keep three to four cushions under the head. Patient needs to wash hair properly and carefully. It is always advisable to stop smoking and exposure to sun for almost three weeks following surgery.

Results of FUE hair restoration

Our FUE hair transplant surgeon promises to bring natural looking hair results without ay pain and scarring to the patients. Best of all, the result will be long lasting. You don’t need to seek any further help for almost 15-20 years. Patient get natural looking hairline without any noticeable scars. Newly transplanted hair will grow with natural pattern and it would be hard for your friend to make a difference between transplanted and existing hair. You would be able to enjoy a boost in self-confidence due to your healthier and natural-looking hair. Don’t hide your bald head, come to us and get the permanent and natural solution of progressive and stable hair loss problem at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Center of Islamabad and Lahore.

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