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PRP Treatement

Get fresh and new skin in just 5 days through PRP. It is a medical skin regenerative system that lets you to get rid of acne, scars, age spots, pigmentation and fine lines. You are able to restore your healthy and fair complexion after this treatment.

What is PRP?

It is a very safe herbal treatment that makes uses of pure natural ingredients. There is no chemical ingredient in this remedy, so patient has no side effects. It is among the most successful treatments that bring good results very quickly. There is no damage or injury to skin resulted due to this treatment. This remedy has been in use for over 35 years and dermatologists of almost 40 countries make the most from it. Thousands of women reported the successful and amazing positive results of PRP.

Why do you Need PRP?

This herbal peeling treatment of skin is effective when you want to treat

How PRP Works at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Pakistan?

Our expert dermatologist applies PRP through a special massage on your skin. The herbal ingredients of this peel starts polishing the upper layer of skin. Generally, this peel has certain valuable ingredients that release natural substances such as vitamins, plant hormones, enzymes and others. These substances penetrate into the skin and start their natural work. They increase blood circulation in the skin as a result skin metabolism becomes active and it stimulates the growth zone of skin. Growth zone start generation new cells and collagen fibers. In simple words, skin regeneration process begins.

PRP Recovery

Recovery period of PRP is only 4 days. Your skin tone gets red and you may feel mild burning sensation just after treatment. Within 4 days, upper skin layer peels off. On fifth day, you need to visit Royal Cosmetic Surgery Pakistan clinic where expert dermatologist will give you a special massage for wearing off old skin. They provide rich and healthy ingredients to new layer of skin. These ingredients will be absorbed by your new skin.

Results of PRP

When you undergo through PRP treatment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery then you would be able to start noticing amazing results of this treatment after 5 days. This treatment leaves calming, soothing and regenerating effects on the skin. When upper skin layer peel off then new layer is quite beautiful. You feel an improvement in the complexion. Skin looks younger and fresher since dead skin has gone. It not only looks good but also functions efficiently than before. That’s mean skin regenerates speedily and flourishes. Stop waiting anymore. Be quick, contact with our dermatologist and book an appointment because you are able to restore your young and aesthetic appearance with no side effects in only 5 days through PRP.

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